Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's True What They Say About Teachers

Follow this link ---> Confessions of a Twenty-Something: Just A Teacher for an interesting read on being "just a teacher".

... and watch my favorite video, maybe ever, Taylor Mali's slam poem about "What Teachers Make"

"I make parents see their kids for who they are and who they can be."

Those are two things I remember when I have a day where I feel like I'm not making a difference, or I'm doing everything wrong, or my kids aren't learning anything.  Teaching is so much bigger than teaching facts and information.  It's molding minds.  Changing human behavior.  Instilling life skills.  It's like knocking down someone's tower of blocks again and again and again until they are confident enough to rebuild it, and build it higher, and build it stronger, and think creatively and objectively about what goes into making the tower.  All while not crushing their spirits and dreams and confidence.

Teaching is a delicate task.  So if that's all I'm going to be, oh well.